12 December 2011

Dr. Gaillard's lecture on the sense of place and identity in the music of the Eraserheads

Dr. Jean-Christophe Gaillard gave a lecture last December 9, 2011 at Palma Hall 207, entitled, “Fruitcake Heights or the not-so-imaginary Philippine urbanscape of the 1990s: sense of place and identity in the music of Eraserheads.”

Main points of the lecture centered on the geographical and social construction of space and identity as themes in the songs of the Eraserheads.  The Eraserheads, popularly known as E-heads, is one of the most popular Filipino rock bands in the 1990s.  According to Dr. Gaillard, the places mentioned in the music of the Eraserheads are set in urban areas (Metro Manila, malls, etc) and the youth can easily identify with the songs since they speak about their concerns such as love life, sexuality, addictions, music, sports, etc.  However, the songs do not only speak of the issue of the youth but of the larger Philippine society.  Issues of economic, social, environmental, political, and cultural references can be inferred from the songs of the said band.

Dr. Jean-Christophe Gaillard or better known as Dr. JC Gaillard has been a Maître de conferences at Université de Grenoble, France before being a senior lecturer at the School of Environment, University of Auckland.  He has been a Visiting Professor for several times and formerly an Associate Professor of the Department of Geography, University of the Philippines Diliman.

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