02 August 2012

[I Am A Geographer] Challenging but fun: Why I love community volunteerism

by Earvin S. Delgado

Earvin Delgado, BS Geog 2011, shared his experience of conducting information campaign on the Carood Watershed in Bohol, which was published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer.  Read it here and who knows, you might get inspired and follow Earvin's path.  Not only will you get to places and, interact with various people but also practiced what you have learned and be an engaged geographer. 

"I Am A Geographer" are articles featuring what our alumni are doing.  This will serve not only as an update of what they are up to (there is Facebook to do that for us!) but also as a venue for people to know what geographers actually do. So, if you have encountered any published article featuring any of our alumni, please kindly inform us through email (up.geography@yahoo.com) or maybe you can write one of your own and we will publish it here in our Cyberbulletin.

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