14 March 2013

[Geography Week 2013] Creating and Nurturing Inclusive Spaces: Everyone, Everyday, Everywhere

It is with great pleasure that we are announcing this year’s  Geography  Week  which  will 
commence on the 19th and continues until the 22nd of this month. With the theme “Creating and Nurturing Inclusive Spaces: Everyone, Everyday, Everywhere,”  we take Geography closer to our everyday experiences in celebrating the  discipline’s  contribution  to  our  everyday  affairs. We seek to present the multiple dimensions that constitute our spaces  –  academic, recreational, social, public  –  as a means towards promoting inclusive and nurturing spaces for dialog, participation, and collective action. 

The following activities highlight this week-long celebration: 

March 14-21Sikat Ka sa Geog!: Role Model Students of the Department of Geography
A popularity contest among Geography majors, which will also serve as  a fund-raising event for the Geography Core Group's  activities. 

March 19-22 Geobiography: Geography and Filipino Geographers
Exhibit, AS Lobby

March 19   GIS (Geog Orgs in Service) 
2:30-5:30 PM, PH 207 Critical Geography Series Forum 
5:30 PM, Academic Oval (in front of AS Steps)/ASCal  Road Painting Activity 
The Geographic Society of UP (GSUP) will facilitate a road painting activity, while the Junior Geographical Society – UP Diliman (JPGS-UPD) will conduct a forum about Food Security in the Philippines, in line with the organization’s Critical Geography Series. 

March 20   Geog to the World (Regional Geography Food Fest) 
5:30 PM, CASAA 
Students of Regional Geography and Geography of the Philippines (Geog 151, Geog 157, Geog 133 and Geog 131) will host a festival highlighting popular and unique cuisines from different regions of the world. 

March 21   Map-Making Isn’t Easy (But Fun!) 
1-5 PM, PH 207 
Everyone is invited to learn basic mapping techniques and GIS applications with the map project presentation-cum-hands-on exercise that Geography 197 students (1st Sem, AY 2012-13) organized. Non-geography majors are especially invited!

March 22   Show ‘em What GEOGot! 
4-7 PM, PH 207 
Serving as the conclusion  of  this  year’s  Geography  Week, this event will acknowledge the talents and achievements of the members of the Department. 

We hope that everyone could join us experience the activities and festivities of this year's Geography Week! 

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