08 October 2013

[ARANGKADA@30] Grand Alumni Homecoming

Dear Geography Alumni,

Warm greetings from your esteemed Department!

Being a graduate of the only Geography Department in the country, you are one of those who continue to bring significant contributions to our discipline and to other related fields, whether you are directly practicing geography or indirectly using your geographic training to be where you are now. What you have accomplished is in large measure responsible for the growth and development of our institution.

We are happy to inform you that our Department will celebrate 30 years of being part of the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy this November 2013 and will be holding a grand celebration to mark this milestone in our existence. With the goal of strengthening alumni relations, the Department would like to invite you to attend in our Grand Alumni Homecoming on November 30, 2013 at AS Lobby,  Palma Hall at 6PM. You may find other details at Facebook events page or at our department website.

You can also become part of the alumni homecoming by providing financial support. Your contributions will not only help in making the event successful but also in augmenting the Department’s resources for its programs and services. Your support will go a long way in strengthening our efforts at achieving academic excellence and professionalism and eventually reaching our goal of becoming the country’s Center of Development in the field of geography. For your contributions you may contact me or Ms. Rocelyn De Vera at rocelyndevera@yahoo.com. Sponsors will be entitled a space in the Homecoming's souvenir program (see details below).

We appreciate your support and honor your continued involvement with your geography family of faculty, students, staff, and alumni. We look forward to seeing you in the alumni homecoming!

Very truly yours,


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