02 July 2011

Three UPCAT qualifiers join the Geography Department

This year, The Department of Geography warmly welcomes the three UPCAT qualifiers who have chosen the path of the social sciences as their field of study. These three individuals, have set aside the more popular programs and have bravely responded to the call for more critical thinkers with a geographer’s perspective where they can learn and apply spatial skills in analyzing contemporary issues confronting our society today.  

Let us get to know our new freshmen: 

Karen Cheska M. Mariano, a graduate from Miriam College High School, enjoys the outdoors and finds enrolling in geography as an opportunity to explore the outdoors better. 
Josiah Ned P. Matienzo, on the other hand, is ready to take on the  challenge of learning geography as a relevant and fun field of study.
Vincent M. Oville chose geography because he has been fond of this subject since childhood and is very excited to learn more about it. As a Manila Science High School graduate, Vincent is a diligent student and promises to study harder as he looks forward to making new friends and learning more about geography which he thinks is less appreciated. 

To Karen, Vincent and Josiah congratulations! You are now part of the most prestigious academic institution in the country.  Being part of a national university that upholds academic excellence and aims to serve the people, you will surely entail a lot of hard work and perseverance in order to rise above the standards of this institution. Late nights studying and caffeine consumption maybe habits you will eventually acquire. But no worries, the ride will surely be a thrill! The UP life you expect may just be a small bite from what the real UP experience would truly bring. Inside the university, you will encounter a plethora of lessons and events that will mold you into becoming one of the best students, here in the Philippines and outside. And you will also meet different people and experience formations that will make your stay in the university even better and more meaningful.     

Again, to the new Iskolars ng Bayan and future Geographers, welcome to the University of the Philippines Diliman.# Earl Ramon Agulto

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