02 July 2011

The Department has moved to a NEW site

The Department has moved to a new site, not physically (yet) but virtually.  Finally, the Department has revised and updated its website.
The new website aims to acquaint prospective students regarding the discipline and its programs.  The site’s scrolling images show some of the possibilities that a geographer could do.  Therefore, we invite you to check its pages and discover what is in store for those who may choose to become geography majors.  

Click and surf the site and learn more about the Department as an institution and its people.   It is also a resource site for the Department’s students, academic and administrative staff with its downloadable forms and links that UP geography majors frequently visit. 

A unique feature in the website is the map of the field sites of the Department’s field classes done through the years.  It does not only show the places where UP geography students have visited but also the contributions they have made to the communities.  The research outputs of these fieldworks showcase the extension services the Department offers.  This proves and shows that the Department is practicing the University’s tradition of giving back to the people.

Welcome to the new Department Website and discover more by exploring http://www.geog.upd.edu.ph/

If you happen to find any typographical errors, missing names or links please feel free to send us your suggested corrections and comments at our new email address: geography@up.edu.ph

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