11 November 2015

Department Members Participated in UGAT and PGS Joint Conference

Faculty members and graduate students of the UP Department of Geography participated in the recently concluded Ugnayang Pang-aghamtao (UGAT) and Philippine Geographical Society (PGS) joint conference on “Dagat ug Kinabuhi/Maritime Cultures, Spaces and Networks” held in Silliman University, Dumaguete City last October 22-24, 2015.

The following papers were presented on different panels showing the breadth of spatial issues on, under and near the sea:

From Ridge to Reef: The Contributions of Participatory Mapping in Resource Management and Disaster Risk Reduction” by Jake Rom Cadag

Child (non)participation: Traversing the varied notions of children’s engagement in a coastal community" by Yany Lopez

Measuring the Connectivity of Large and Medium-Scaled Sea Ports in the Philippines” by Daniel Mabazza

GIS-based Analysis of Geographic Connections of Manila and Adjacent Towns of Bulacan in the Late 19th Century” by Ma. Simeona M. Martinez, Marco Stefan B. Lagman, Jonathan M. Villasper and Dominique Sasha N. Amorsolo (Paper presented by Ms. Martinez)

The Island and Archipelagic Turn, Tidalectics and the Fluidity of Space” by Joseph Palis

Cultural Bioeconomies of Invasive Fish Networks” by Kristian Saguin

Counter-mapping masterplans: reflections on spatial translation, engagement and resistance in mapping indigenous spaces in San Ildefonso Peninsula, Casiguran, Aurora” by Arnisson Andre Ortega and Kristian Saguin

Mediating the sea? Placing Waves of Photography” by Aaron R. Vicencio

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