22 March 2019

Geography Brown Bag Colloquium Series: Wasted Money? Our Role in Local Solid Waste Management

by Vanessa Joy A. Anacta

The second lecture of the Geography Department’s Brownbag Colloquium series was presented by Assistant Professor Marion Micah R. Tinio on March 7, 2019. The talk was entitled “Wasted Money? Our Role in Local Solid Waste Management.”  This research was part of his Master’s thesis which provides an overview of the situation of the country’s solid waste management program and how the public may contribute to minimize some of the related problems. He presented a model showing the impact of different elements of solid waste management based on different scenarios. He pointed out that there is little research done on this field which is viewed as an important topic concerning all of us. The talk was a good reflection for the attendees by showing consciousness on how to minimize the use of any food-related waste especially right after the presentation.

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