26 March 2019

Geography Brown Bag Colloquium Series #3 (2018-2019): Weather Cultures Colonialism, Resistance, and Survivance

In this paper, I will consider weather, and the ways diverse knowledges of and about weather have been active in both promulgating and resisting ongoing colonialism in Australia. Indeed, it is not only knowledges of weather, but weather-cultures, diverse cosmologies, and the beings and co-becomings of weather as active agents that work to make and un-make colonialism and support the survivance of plural, nourishing life-worlds within which sun, mist, seasons and other complex weatherings co-constitute people, place and time/s. Agencies of weather are fundamental in shaping who and what belongs to/with/as nations, both Aboriginal nations-as-Country and the settler-colonial state of Australia, even as they help to constitute what these nations are and what they mean. In this paper, I will consider archival material and Indigenous weather-songs that form part of my ongoing collaborative work with Indigenous knowledge authorities in Arnhem Land to attend to weather cultures as making and un-making (settling and unsettling) colonialism, and supporting diverse modes of resistance and survivance.

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