14 October 2022

ICGS 2022: Time and deadlines and Abstract Submission

"Time does not bring relief, you all have lied..." 

That's Edna St Vincent Millay berating humanity for reminding her that she'll soon forget a missing loved one. But Edna, time is not only contextual and relational, it can be final as well. Like deadlines. Someone once said that a deadline is negative inspiration. Excuses, excuses.

Speaking of deadlines, the 'negative inspiration' for abstract submission for the International Conference on Geographical Studies 2022 remains unchanged (and will not be extended). It is Saturday, 15 October 2022. Our theme remains the same: Emotional Geographies: Passion in the Geographical

Read our original call here. Versions of the original call are also here and here

From ficto-critical geographies to marine ecologies, aging demographies to emotional cartographies, monstrosities to green cities, novels to hovels, let's hear from you. Submit your abstracts on time. 

And although Millay said that time may not bring relief, José Saramago expressed it this way: time is a master of ceremonies who always ends up putting us in our rightful place.

The rightful place for your abstract submission is https://tinyurl.com/ICGS2022Abstracts

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